Only time will tell if we can bring our crazy, hyperextended family together...BETTER! Come share our laughs and struggles as we test tips, tricks, and tools-of-the-trade in our quest for a more fabulous family life.

Weekly Focus Tips

Creating Goals with Your Family, "What's Your New Year's Resolution?"
--see post on January 11, 2012

Conflict Resolution--Step One--Practicing Anger Management/Calming Techniques
--see post on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Practice Paying Attention from The Thinking Life--see week of November 27-December 3, 2011

Using "Star" Charts, More Commonly Called Behavior/Chore Charts--Week of November 13-19, 2011

Positive and Negative Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication--see week of November 7, 2011

Beginning Family Meetings--See November 1, 2011 post