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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekly Focus Tip--Conflict Resolution--Anger Management Strategies for Kids

Although we are looking to expand our information on this topic, for now, here are some tips on conflict resolution and anger management strategies for kids.  These are taken from

            Most information on solving problems between people give a three-step process:
1)       Managing the anger and calming down
2)      Listening—using good listening skills to listen to one another’s side
(each view point) of the problem
3)      Deciding whether to apologize or to work out a compromise, negotiate a solution.

Ways to Manage Anger and Calm Down:
1)      It is important to practice expressing anger appropriately because anger that is out of control can cause verbal or physical abuse that hurts people and ultimately destroys relationships with negativity
and resentment.
2)      Practice calming down your breathing.  Anger can make your heart
beat faster and your breathing to be fast.  Practice breathing exercises that
you can use when you feel angry.
3)      Take a quick time out for yourself—try to sit and relax for a few minutes away from the situation in order to breathe and calm down before going back to the situation and working it out.

4)      Sometimes counting forwards to ten or backwards from ten can help to calm a person.
5)      If someone feels pressured with schoolwork or other issues, help him or her with the problem rather than pressuring him or her more.
6)      Use positive rewards for calming down.
7)      Get out and play a sport, take a walk, play a game or other calming activity such as drawing, making a craft or reading for a few minutes in order to feel more calm.  Then, later on, address the problem.
8)      Practice yoga or meditation.  This is one of the most effective ways to manage anger. 
9)      Remember that you are not alone in feeling anger.  Anger is a normal emotion that we all feel.  When used appropriately, it can help us solve many problems and lead to happiness. 

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  1. Anger is one of the most misunderstood and overused of human emotions. Anger is a natural emotion that every human and many non-human animals experience. We need to understand that anger is a reaction to an inner emotion and not a planned action.Anger management is a procedure of acquiring the skills to recognize signs that you are becoming angry, and taking action to deal with the situation in a positive way.